Prosecuting a tort claim

This part of the website provides information about advancing a tort claim in British Columbia for injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of a motorist causing a motor vehicle accident.
The word “tort” is derived from the Latin word for “injury”, and the purpose of a tort claim is to recover compensation from the person that caused the injury. Because all vehicles licensed in British Columbia are required to have mandatory liability insurance coverage of $200,000 defendants in tort claims generally have insurance which is used to compensate the plaintiff.
Broadly speaking, proving a tort claim involves two key parts:
  • establishing that another person (the defendant) is legally liable for causing the injury suffered by the plaintiff; and
  • quantifying the compensation the claimant is entitled to.
This section of the website provides information on the above topics along with information about time limits and other requirements that must be complied with in order to successfully prosecute a tort claim. However, claimants should keep in mind that prosecuting a tort claim can be complicated and most claimants who have not resolved their claims directly with ICBC by the time the two year limitation period for tort claims is up hire a lawyer to assist them with the claim.
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