Information about ICBC claims

Welcome to, a free online resource providing information about Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) claims processes, and court procedures, that apply to British Columbia motor vehicle accident claims.
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Persons involved in ICBC claims have different rights and responsibilities depending on their involvement in the accident: driver of vehicle in accident, owner of vehicle in accident, injury claimant, etc. When dealing with ICBC it is important to keep in mind the capacity you are acting in, especially when you have multiple roles (e.g. injury claimant and driver of vehicle in accident). For example, while injury claimants are generally only required to provide minimal information to ICBC early in the claims process drivers are generally required to provide more detailed information and to cooperate with ICBC after an accident even if they will also be injury claimants. It is important to understand what role you are acting in when dealing with ICBC to ensure your interests as an insured driver and/or injury claimant are protected.
To clarify the rights and obligations of injury claimants and drivers, and to separate that information from other information about claims processes, hiring of lawyers, etc., this website is divided into the following parts:
Drivers who are sued for causing accidents will generally have lawyers appointed by ICBC to defend them. Injury claimants who require legal assistance in pursuing compensation for their injuries generally retain lawyers privately and pay them on a percentage fee basis. The Hiring a Lawyer section of this website provides information about the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a lawyer, and the Recommended Lawyer section of the website provides contact information for Michael Dew who represents injury claimants. is owned and operated by Legaltree Law Corporation.